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"... You will enjoy, you will engage, you will learn, you will grow, and you will remember [Tonda's] presentation!" ~ Yasmine Arrington, MDiv, Founder, ScholarCHIPS

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Presentation Topics

Parenting Strategies

In this session, parenting, educational, and career exploration needs for parents and their children will be presented.

Education Strategies

In this session, we will make the link between formal education and career aspirations. Learn what is needed to make your next steps.

Parenting for WINS

Youth success begins with their parents. In this presentation, parents will learn how to lay the foundation for their children's success.

Optimizing Middle School

In this session, we begin the process of career exploration and preparation.

Optimizing High School

Wisdom In Minutes works with students (and their parents) from 7th to 9th grade, to explore and clarify their career dreams and tailor their activities and education to support their plans.

Post-Graduation Launch Prep

In this session, post-grads will learn practical information to begin life on their own. They will learn how to deal with issues and making decisions on a new level.

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